Is iOS 18 Released?

Days until iOS 18 is officially released

iOS 18 release is planned to be on 16th June 2023

Meet iOS 18

  • Call Recording
  • Improved Notifications
  • Dual Apps
  • Split Screen
  • iMessage redesign
  • iMessage part of Apple’s AR headset


To check which version of iOS you are using, go to the Settings app and tap General. Then tap About and you will see the version number listed next to Version.

About iOS

iOS is the operating system for Apple mobile devices, it is developed by the same corporation and makes waves in publicity and pop culture every time it releases a major update, usually with flashy features being added (usually oriented toward the newer flagship phones, although not exclusively so.)

iOS rivals, and arguably beats Android in functionality and adoption in certain economic strata. Worldwide adoption is smaller than Android mainly because of the fact that iOS only runs officially on Apple, while Android hosts a number of brands that use their operating system.

iOS is used by your regular consumer to conduct their regular tasks, but essentially the operating system has a big focus on detecting multiple gestures such as taps, pinches, and multiple gestures that are done on the screen. As a result, iOS runs very smoothly and responds to user input famously well, even with older versions. iOS is a Unix-like OS that runs on Apple devices, but could theoretically be migrated to other hardware if Apple ever decided. iOS on iPads has found an increasing use with digital art, along with the famous Apple Pen, it allows artists to express themselves with the aforementioned input processing capabilities.

iOS has many remarkable features that have made it popular, and it is part of the huge success that iPhones and iPads have had in the 2000s, specifically in the high-end market sector. The relatively new active widget system allows for efficiency when multitasking across different productivity and entertainment apps. Face ID (biometric unlock) is something that is pretty much taken for granted even with mid-level devices, but iOS supported it before any other device did, and it was arguably Apple that popularized it for mobile phones. iOS makes it very easy and even flashy to transfer your data from one phone to another when you buy a new iPhone, and this feature is possible through the built-in capacities of iOS.


iOS latest release runs on 64-bit ARM, the 14.7 version is currently in beta phase 1, last updated on May 19th of 2021. The stable version is 14.6, made public on May 24th of 2021. Rumors are that 14.7 will be released soon to the general public, expected by no later than mid-late 2021. It is expected that these updates optimize the functionality of the Apple Tag and the Apple Card, two extra services that are to be integrated with regular iOS functionalities.